Christi Classes is an institution focused on creating new benchmarks in the field of education. It is an institution which helps students realise their goals and their true potential & caliber.

When and why did we start?

We started our coaching classes two decades ago with the aim of imparting quality education to the upcoming generation through easy teaching and learning methodology.

Our Achievement

Our very first batch students spoke volumes of our quality coaching by given 100% result and even produced top rankers from various leading institutions of Ulhasnagar, Kalyan and Ambernath.

The world of Christi Classes is a world where quality, excellence and success reign supreme. This includes world-class faculty members who are very much accessible to students. Each professor specializes not only in distinct subjects, but further in respective topics as well. Christi classes provides the right environment for the dissemination of knowledge and the receiving of it by young, impressionable minds.

These are the students from whose midst will emerge the great scientists, doctors and engineers who will help create a better future. We help you Understand Better, Work Harder and most importantly, Christi Classes Helps and Guides you to Work Smarter.

Why Us?

Contact us today

I & II Floor, Bk.No.775,
Behind Shewadas Darbar,
Opp. U.M.C., Ulhasnagar-3.
(Between 5.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m only)
Phone : 0251-2706277 / 9850081398
Email : Info@christiclasses.com

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